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Note: This tab will be activated with PySwarm V0.6.2

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Note: For a general discussion on PySwarm animation, movement, and motion, please refer to the following wiki page: here.

Channel Entry Data

You can define up to 10 different channels of motion for BOIDs. Motion is applied to all BOIDs.

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Note: Each channel controls one aspect of a BOID's motion. This can be by moving different parts of the BOID (e.g., different bones), or it can be moving the same parts in different ways (e.g., translating in the X axis, rotating in the Z axis, scaling in the Y axis). Each modification requires a channel.

Channel Object Name

You must name the child object or bone that you want to create motion for.



Cycle Type

Select one of four different types of cycles to apply to the motion.

Speed Settings


Cycle Graph

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