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PIA Alignment Tab

When ALIGNMENT is activated, BOIDs will attempt to match their velocity (speed and heading) with the others in the group.

Alignment Strength[]

This value is used to determine how strong the attempt is to match the average velocity of the group. Higher values will force them to align (like synchronized swimmers).

Tips and Limitations

  1. If COHESION is deactivated, this parameter has no effect.
  2. A value of 1.0 is a "nominal" value. A value of 2.0 will create twice the force, while a value of 0.5 will create half the force.
  3. Negative values will keep the BOIDs from aligning, each BOID attempting to have it's own heading and speed.
  4. The "Localize Rules" parameter works on this rule. When set, each BOID attempts to match velocity (heading and speed) only with those within the Localize Radius.